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How to use our All natural hair oils 

our all natural hair oil is made for all hair types from kinky to straight we only use plant based herbs that help promote faster hair growth,We offer different sizes bottles for your prefrance.  

whats your hair type?

Screenshot 2022-02-03 10.36.29 AM.png

Hair type chart 

Hair type 4c-3a

wigs, Box braids, cornrows, locks,natural protective styles (ect)..

shake bottle and  apply a generous amount of oil directly to the scalp and ends of your hair use oil 3-4 times a week (  do not exceed this limit!your hair may become too oily) be sure to keep your protective style as long as you can.

 Hair type 2c-1

Apply hair to scalp  and massage a cover with hair cap only use hair oil before every shampoo or condition leave in for 30 mins ( the longer the better ) and rise product with water 
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